Leslie’s Story

“I’m pregnant. She’s expecting. I’m a surrogate.”

A self-professed reality show junkie, it is fitting that Leslie 36, was first inspired to become a surrogate by Giuliana and Bill Rancic of the “Giuliana & Bill” show. The likable couple, always openly discussing their infertility struggles in the media, introduced Leslie to the idea of gestational carriers. Watching their story unfold, coupled with hearing about a close friend’s struggle with infertility, Leslie decided in February of 2012 to seriously research becoming a surrogate mother.

Instantly, Leslie was overwhelmed with the feeling that everything in her life up to this point was leading her to this major life decision. She spent the following eight months convincing her husband Brian how passionate and motivated she was to become a carrier. Then, with Brian in agreement, she began the process with TSE in October of 2012 and was matched with intended parents this past March.

A mother of a six-year-old son and three-year-old daughter in Georgia, Leslie couldn’t imagine anything greater than giving another family the opportunity to carry on their family’s legacy. Thanks to TSE’s proven process in matching surrogate mothers to intended parents, Leslie’s surrogacy experience has been one of the greatest in her life thus far.

Upon completion of her medical exams and background checks, Leslie was accepted to the agency in October 2012. Tina Dettlaff, TSE’s Director of Client Relations and “the matchmaker,” flew from Wisconsin to meet Leslie and her family, greeting her with a bouquet of flowers. A two-time gestational carrier herself, Tina only further confirmed Leslie’s decision to embark on this journey. As she prepared to eagerly await a match with intended parents, Leslie received an email a mere few days later, saying there was a couple from Georgia, Jessica and Alonso, who was very interested in her. She started to cry, just knowing that she had already given a family hope.

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