International Surrogacy

At The Surrogacy Experience, we welcome intended parents from around the world as they come to the United States to achieve their family dream. We strive to provide intended parents the information and resources needed to explore gestational surrogacy in the United States. Surrogacy is often a challenging process, but with the right support and guidance it can be a positive experience for all involved.

An increasing number of intended parents from overseas, particularly Western Europe, have been turning to U.S. surrogacy agencies in recent years to help build their families. Assisted Reproductive Technology is generally more advanced in the U.S. and several states have favorable laws regarding surrogacy, regardless of marital status and sexual orientation.

TSE guides intended parents throughout the process from decision to delivery; we work closely with our international clients post-delivery to ensure your return home is without undue complications.  Our exclusive surrogate program, network of qualified legal and medical professionals, and administrative team will manage any logistical complications so you can move ahead with confidence.

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