About Us

The Surrogacy Experience is a gestational surrogacy agency. We are a group of professionals dedicated to educating, supporting and advising intended parents and gestational carriers as they come together in a very unique and special way to build families. We understand how extraordinary this can be because we have experienced it ourselves.

Our vision is to be an objective and comprehensive educational resource for everyone interested in gestational surrogacy. Regardless of marital status, sexual orientation or nationality, you have a right to fully understand the surrogacy option, all of its promise and all of its complexity. Surrogacy is not right for everyone, but it may be right for you.

Our mission for those who choose gestational surrogacy is to be your guide throughout the process from decision to delivery. We help match you with the right surrogate mother and ensure everyone involved shares the same expectations, allowing you to create the unique relationships that make surrogacy possible. We will support you through the required medical procedures to ensure you receive the highest quality care. We will make sure that all legal, financial and insurance matters are handled appropriately. We proactively manage the complete process so you can focus on the most important thing – having a baby.

What Makes A Great Surrogacy Agency